Living on board

Duration:  2 h 30’

Ticket: € 160,00

Primary School / Secondary School groups maximum 25 participants

Discovering a unique museum dedicated to the sea through the observation of ancient artefacts and listening to themed stories. Identifying similarities and differences between ancient and modern customs and habits.

From orientation to measurement, from the use of rope to sea knots, to games during navigation, the workshop provides practical activities, that are diversified according to the fascia scolare: a presentation with images and a visit to the museum spaces, followed by the creation and use of games such as dice, thread, astragal, rather than using nautical charts or practical and manual experience in making the Savoia knot, the lover’s gullet and the flat knot.

And also how and what foods were stored and consumed on board along the long months of navigation? How were the foodstuffs stored?


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