At the bottom of the sea…

Duration:  2 h 30’

Ticket:  € 160,00

Pre-Primary School / Primary School | groups up to 25 participants


Discovering a museum dedicated to the sea through the observation of ancient artefacts, listening to themed stories and the creation of an artefact in memory of the experience. Stimulating creativity, re-elaborating and recombining designs, colours and materials of use. Following a short journey inside the Civic Museum of the Sea and Ancient Navigation, where the small participants, guided by the educational operator, become familiar with the ancient finds that are most commonly found in the seabed, the children will be guided inside the spaces occupied by the Sea Library where they can listen to the reading of a text chosen among those selected for them, with stories, tales, characters and myths related to the marine world. In the laboratory space, inspired by what was observed in the museum rooms and the stories heard in the bookshop, on some pebbles, previously chosen and collected on the beach, we’ll move to the preparation of the base on them to paint them. With the support of cards, or for the most expert freehand, we’ll proceed with the drawing and then use the brushes as true artists.

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