How to open the monumental complex from 6 April 2021

In light of the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 44 of April 1, 2021, which extends the effects of the Prime Ministerial Decree of March 2, 2021, and taking into account the return of the Lazio Region to the “orange zone” with the end of the additional restrictions envisaged for the entire national territory coinciding with Easter holidays (3, 4 and 5 April), the closure of the museum area of ​​the Monumental Complex of the Castle of Santa Severa remains confirmed.

On the other hand, the accommodation facilities of the hostel and the artisan shops will be reopened to the public starting from 6 April 2021, and the usability of the surrounding open spaces will be guaranteed, without prejudice to compliance with the times allowed by current regulations and all other requirements. laws, regulations and conduct of the case and the limitations to mobility established by the aforementioned DPCM.