Inauguration of the exhibition “S e r v a e Icone liquide”

At the Castle of Santa Severa, in the charming Pyrgi hall overlooking the sea, Saturday 20th January at 11.30 am, inauguration of a new exhibition for the “Servae Icone liquide” art exhibition of Barbara Duran. The event is organized by Regione Lazio in collaboration with LAZIOcrea, MiBACT, Municipality of Santa Marinella and CoopCulture. The installation and the catalog are by Ignazio Venafro and Studio Urbana under the patronage of the Italian Embassy in Washington, Galerie Metanoia, of the Center Culturel Italien, WithoutBordersFilmFestival, of Valentina Moncada and The Seagull Foundation.

“With Barbara Duran – writes Ignazio Venafro in the catalog – we have prepared and housed on the Tyrrhenian Sea Servae_icone liquide, in the Castle of Santa Severa that looks at it, it is a dialogue part within the White research path, which accompanies the artist as an existential thread work, and appears in many aspects of his action: the essence of the female figure: in this incalculable, dense, falling day: madre_dea_generosa_feconda_and_matrigna, in all her presence and secular wholeness: parading and weaving time in her interminable present variations, and of the past that does not pass…”

“The exhibition –  Venafro sais – “moves a miracle, pervaded by a sacred memory, mind genetics that admonishes ghosts, which defines itself in its formal becoming, stirring an infinite fable that flies on the wings of the storms, touching mythological iconologies related to the cults offered to the many female deities, who marked with their invocations the area of Pyrgi, and turned into stories… The exhibition also offers a video installation.

The installation created by the artist consists of 16 large rice papers (mixed media on paper Japanese) and from the video White. The SERVAE Icone Liquide exhibition is part of the larger Duran White Project presented in preview in Paris in 2016 and will be open to the castle until 11 February.