Santa Severa: for young people the journey to the Castle is free with “Lazio in tour 16-18”

Also the Castle of Santa Severa is among the destinations where kids can get for free, thanks to “Lazio in Tour 16-18”, the project aimed at young people, presented yesterday by President Nicola Zingaretti. Made by Regione Lazio with Trenitalia and Cotral, this in fact allows, between 15 July and 15 September 2018, to residents aged between 16 and 18 years, to travel for one month free throughout the regional territory, through a dedicated app, developed by LAZIOcrea.
Even the Castle of Santa Severa becomes, therefore, one of the privileged destinations to be reached at no cost.
The most beautiful castle on the Mediterranean Sea, moreover, in addition to its historical and artistic beauties, offers a summer program full of appointments, organized by Regione Lazio in collaboration with LAZIOcrea, MiBACT, Santa Marinella Municipality and Coopculture, where music, theater, entertainment, literature, conferences and night-time itineraries alternate, as well as welcoming tourists at the hostel’s charming accommodation facility at low cost.

For thirty days, starting with the activation of the “Laziointour” App, young people can therefore organize the trip to the Castle from their smartphone, traveling on the Cotral buses and on the regional trains of the Trenitalia Lazio region, thus avoiding, in addition to costs, the traffic and long lines to get to the sea.

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