Prize CONI Lazio 2018


Prize CONI Lazio, the 6th edition at the Castle

Friday, June 21st at 5pm there will be the sixth edition of the CONI Lazio Award, a traditional showcase of sports realities and excellences, expression of our territory. The event will see the protagonists of 2018 chosen among athletes, specialists, managers and sports clubs.

This year the event has been included in the protocol of “CONI & Region, sports mates”, it will be part of the events on the bill for “Lazio delle Meraviglie-Estate 2019 and will have as a frame the splendid Castle of Santa Severa.

“We are proud to host the CONI Prize in the splendid scenery of the castle of Santa Severa, the perfect location for the best of the Lazio Region’s sport – states the President of Regione Lazio Nicola Zingaretti – The protocol” CONI and Region, sports mates “is a great success that shows how alive the regional sports fabric is, both in its excellence and in basic sport, and how valuable the contribution of the CONI Regional Committees is”.

“The sports scene in our area is always full of surprises and the CONI Lazio Award is a key to discovering them – explains the president of CONI Lazio Riccardo Viola – this year we have replaced the institutional stage of the Presidency of Regione Lazio with the Castle of Santa Severa and this thanks to the agreement that for three seasons sees us together, with president Zingaretti and his staff, to offer thanks to “Compagni di Sport” a program of activities at 360°. From squares to prisons and family homes, we are once again in the field together to reiterate that sport is health and law. For everyone”.

The event will be hosted in the Nostromo Hall of the Castle and in the presence of the greatest exponents of the institutions and of the regional sports: the prizes will be given to those who have distinguished themselves during the past season.

The winners. There are 17 awards given by the judging Commission. In the Athletes category, they will receive the Benedicta Chigbolu award, one of the protagonists of the 4 × 400 blue relay; Luca Marziani, Italian show jumping champion; Chiara Pellacani, a young blue diver who has already made herself known in Europe and Davide Di Veroli, world champion and Olympic youth, who will receive the recognition named after Stefano Simoncelli.

In the Executives category, Roberto Fabbricini needs no introduction, which has linked his name to fifty years of Italian sport. He did the same with the Luciano Cecchi volleyball, Cosimo Impronta award. The sport of Luciano Capponi develops between sport, social commitment and entertainment. In the Sports Club category the two protagonists of the Capitoline water polo could not miss, Pallanuoto Roma promoted this year in the top flight and SIS Roma, which after having won the Italian Cup came to play the final championship.
A separate discussion perhaps deserves Virtus Basketball and Società Sportiva Lazio. The former brought back the capital of basketball that counts and the latter is still the largest multi-sports club in Europe. At the top of these two companies, to make a difference, Claudio Toti and Antonio Buccioni. At the blue hockey dt Roberto Da Gai, called to work on a competitive national team with everyone, as we saw in Malaysia, the prize reserved for the Coach.

Solidarity, rights and paternal love emerge from the awards for referee Daniele Pozzi, representing himself in an absurdly risky category, Andrea Pesciarelli prize as well as Giorgio Lo Giudice, “dean” of Roman sports reporters and first journalist to receive the CONI award Lazio. We awarded the Committee award to Paolo Vargetto, perhaps better known as “Sara’s dad”, a makeshift runner who lent his legs to his daughter.

Finally, we wanted to recall two people who differently crossed the road of CONI Lazio. Daniele Nardi, who we had awarded at the first edition in 2014, “the little hill man” who loved the great mountains and Felice Pulici, for four years alongside all of us, but forever in our hearts.

Average. It will be possible to follow the event live on the 93.00 mh frequency of Radio Roma Capitale, media partner of CONI & Regione Lazio, sports mates. On Wednesday 26 June, at 8.30 pm, a 30-minute summary of the CONI Lazio Award will be broadcast on Rete Oro News, channel 210 of digital terrestrial television.



Maria Benedicta CHIGBOLU;

Davide DI VEROLI (Premio “Stefano Simoncelli”); 



Luciano CAPPONI;




Maria Benedicta CHIGBOLU;

Davide DI VEROLI (Prize “Stefano Simoncelli”); 



Luciano CAPPONI;

Luciano CECCHI (Prize “Cosimo Impronta”); 


SS Lazio;

Roma Pallanuoto;

Sis Roma Pallanuoto;

Virtus Roma


Roberto DA GAI 



Daniele POZZI

Premio del RICORDO

Daniele NARDI;