New musealization and augmented reality

The Castle is also a cultural reference centre for citizens and tourists of all ages, thanks to the new areas used as a museum, designed by the architect Carlo Lococo and directed by Flavio Enei in the Castle Museum. Through the technology, it is also possible to make a virtual tour; in fact, the contents have been coupled to multi-touch monitors or to immersive video systems, even interactive, based on transparent films and / or glass. The technological, innovative and multimedia solutions adopted have been applied within some structures of the monumental complex, such as the Fortress and the Nostromo Hall, located on the ground floor of the building that delimits the internal courtyard. In the equipped stations with oculus rift, you can try an experience of virtual reality accompanied by the narrating voice of Mario Tozzi, a well-known geologist and scientific divulger. The visitor will board a Phoenician ship and discover the temples in the ancient area of ​​Pyrgi dedicated to the mother goddess, Uni or Astarte and find himself immersed in a real journey into the past. Visitors can download a mobile App with virtual reality and augmented reality. An APP for IOS and Android, developed by LAZIOcrea, will offer all the information.