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Tosca – Musical Notes from the World

7 September 2019 @ 21:30 - 23:00

 September 7 at  21:30

Big finale for “Summer Evenings (Sere D’estate)” at Santa Severa Castle with Tosca’s show “Musical Notes from the World”. Appointment Saturday, September 7 at 9.30 pm.

Tosca’s journey continues along the territories of the theater-song, which for years has touched linguistic shores among the most distant. A journey that we find in Clipboard from the world, the last live album of the Roman singer.

“Musical Notes From The Live World” is this is the title of Tosca’s new live album that was the culmination of a three-year tour with which the Roman singer brought on stage the much-loved “The Sound of The Voice” and it is no coincidence that by her side , wanted several guests such as Nicola Piovani, Gegè Telesphorus, Gabriele Mirabassi, Joe Barbieri, Danilo Rea and Germano Mazzocchetti, to accompany the formation that has long accompanied it,

composed by Giovanna Famulari (cello, piano and voice), Massimo De Lorenzi (guitars), Carmine Iuvone (bass and double bass), Matteo Di Francesco (percussion and drums), Fabia Salvucci (vocals and percussion) and Eleonara Tosto (vocals).

Listening reveals the routes of an ideal sound journey, all played on the elegant sound textures woven by the dialogue between the guitar with the piano and the cello, supported by bass and percussion. It sails off the coast of Greece with “To Traino” masterfully performed by Tosca, followed by the Macedonian chant “Ibrahim” but it is already time to land in Lebanon with the splendid “Succar Ya Banat”. It sails again across the Mediterranean to Naples with the intense a cappella yield of “Dimme ‘na vote yes” with the counter-songs of Fabia Salvucci and Eleonora Tosto, the rewriting of Salvatore Di Giacomo’s poem of “March/Mars”, embellished with the interweaving between cello and guitar, and “Second Launvenchoir Choir” for percussion, vocals and cello. If ethereal and poetic fado of “The port/A mesma mùsica” ideally unites Mergellina and Portugal, the subsequent “Dumbala Dumbala” takes us with our minds to the heart of the Balkans. Gabriele Mirabassi’s fairy clarinet embellishes “The Annunciation”, characterized by a tosca song full of lyricism and evocative force. From South Africa, and in particular from the repertoire of Myriam Makeba, comes “Nongqongqo” starring the cello of Giovanna Famulari who, to follow gives us, a splendid solo. “Via Etnea” with the organ of Germano Mazzocchetti takes us to Sicily, but we immediately return to Lower Lazio with “Dream Fiore Mio” from the songbook of Ambrogio Sparagna, sung in duet with Gabia Salvuccie, and then to Rome with the tradizioanle “Na Serenata a Ponte” in where Nicola Piovani’s piano is giant. The Cape Verdean morna “Scutam Esse Morna” then introduces us to the top of the album with “Doing I Conti” interpreted in two voices with Joe Barbieri and the irresistible grammelot “Prisencolinensiainciusol” by Adriano Celentano for the occasion proposed in duo with the king of the Italian scat GeGè Telesphorus. Danilo Rea’s “The Sound of The Voice” kissed by the piano accompanies us towards the finale with the traditional Romanians “Lume Lume” and “Rumania Rumania”, the classic “I would like to meet you in a hundred years” and the traditional Christmas “Jingle Bells”. In short, “Music Notes From the Live World” is a jewel of pure beauty that will not fail to excite those who will dedicate their attention to you.

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Audience: € 20,00. (unnumbered)

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The handicapped person pays the price of the whole ticket, the complimentary ticket companion. Reserved seats in the audience.

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7 September 2019
21:30 - 23:00