A new app for the virtual tour of the Castle

A new free app is available for the virtual tour of the Castle of Santa Severa. After the success of the immersive experiences, with the arrival of the fiber is now available for visitors a new app (Android and iOS) made by the Innovation Lab of LAZIOcrea. By downloading the app on your smartphone or tablet and framing the images along the path marked with the symbol AR, it is now possible, during the visit to the Castle, to also leave for a virtual tour, to discover the new museum displays, inaugurated last April by the President of Regione Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti, accompanied by the narrative voice of the well-known geologist Mario Tozzi.


It is a real immersion in the past, starting from the seventh century A. C., when Pyrgi was one of the most important maritime ports in the whole of Etruria and had at least two very important sanctuaries: a temple from the end of the 6th century BC dedicated to Uni / Astarte (called Temple B in the excavation area); and a temple from the first half of the 5th century BC dedicated to Thesan / Leucothea (Temple A), in addition to the vision of the famous “gold plates” found on July 8th, 1964 during an excavation campaign conducted by Massimo Pallottino near Santa Severa.


The App also allows you to see videos that tell the story of life in the Castle and videos that retrace its history, including the findings brought to light during the excavations begun in 2009, such as the early Christian church of the fifth century or the remains of the medieval cemetery visible below the glass slabs present in different rooms, which allow us to glimpse sarcophagi, burials, remains of city walls “.


Link to download the new app:   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.laziocrea.santasevera