A defibrillator has been installed inside the castle

Yesterday LAZIOcrea, the company that manages the Santa Severa complex on behalf of Regione Lazio, has completed the installation of a defibrillator inside the monumental complex. A very important tool that helps to save up to 30% more people affected by a cardiocirculatory arrest before the arrival of relief and it is effective if practiced in the first five minutes.

With the opening of the hostel, the flow of daily visits and the start of the great events for the Festival “Sere d’estate” – which will be inaugurate tomorrow August 2nd with Antigone by Massimo Venturiello – it was considered appropriate to provide the structure of a lifesaving tool, such as the defibrillator, also training the staff on site, thanks to the contribution of ITC American Heart Association AIRSAC Europa.


“It is an important tool – says the president of LAZIOcrea, Andrea Umena – which allows us to intervene quickly to save lives. I am pleased that our staff have followed the specific training course with qualification that the ITC American Heart Association AIRSAC Europa has done in the past few months at the castle. With this intervention – concludes the president – we are going in the direction that Regione Lazio intends to pursue for a greater care of the health of tourists and visitors who come more and more numerous to the castle “.